Artpresso Design Team
Steven Monti (right) with his family at specialty Coffee Expo 2023 From left to right- David Monti, Elettra Fucelli, Jean Monti, Laura Monti, Daniel Ryan, and Steven Monti


As always, the Specialty Coffee Expo proved to be one of the most significant events in the coffee industry this year. It provided a platform for coffee professionals from all over the world to display their innovative products and services, as well as network with industry experts. With over 450 exhibitors participating, the atmosphere was exhilarating and competitive.

Family and Friends

Our gratitude goes out to Team Artpresso, our family and friends, for their unwavering support and assistance in setting up, breaking down, and working with customers who stopped by our booth to ask questions. Preparing for a show of this magnitude is no small feat, but with their help, we were able to tackle the challenges and deliver a successful presentation of our products.

Dan Ryan with Steven Monti starting to unpack crate for expo
Dan Ryan, Steven and Laura Monti during setup of expo
From left to right- David Monti, Elettra Fucelli, Steven Monti, Stephanie Lin, James Lin

New Products released

Espresso machine 58mm Group Head Pro Cleaning Tool

At Expo we introduced our upgraded cleaning tools, the Artpresso 58mm Group Head Pro Cleaning Tool and Drain Tray Pro Cleaning Tool. These tools are the ultimate duo for busy cafes and home espresso enthusiasts who demand perfection in their cleaning routine.

The 58mm Group Head Pro Cleaning Tool is crafted from durable aluminum with a sleek black anodized finish. It effectively cleans the group gasket and shower screen with a replaceable nylon ring brush featuring a microfiber center. Its integrated larger inspection mirror provides more viewing area. Additionally, it comes with an interchangeable slotted tool bit and magnetic tool bit holder.

espresso machine drain tray pro cleaning tool

The Drain Tray Pro Cleaning Tool is made from high-quality aluminum and features a comfortable contoured handle and high-impact plastic edge bumpers for easy maneuvering and surface protection. Its sleek black anodized finish and reusable thick absorbent microfiber pad make for a stylish and functional tool that traps dirt and water effectively while reducing towel usage.

Upgrading your cleaning routine with Artpresso’s Pro Cleaning Tools can elevate the cleanliness and efficiency of your espresso machine. They not only enhance the taste and quality of your espresso but also add an elegant touch to your coffee bar.

The Malkrone

Malkönig Grinder Wrench, The Malkrone

Artpresso also introduced the new Malkönig Grinder Wrench, which is a game-changing solution for maintaining your Mahlkonig next-generation grinder line. Collaborating with industry experts Ryan Sullivan and Jon McGee, Artpresso Design created a durable and precisely crafted tool to simplify the weekly maintenance process. With compatibility for the E80S, E80S/GBW, E65S, and E65S/GBW grinders, this wrench is specifically designed to solve the challenge of removing the grinder lid for cleaning. The interchangeable tool bit effectively loosens fasteners, while the three-pin socket unlocks the grinder lid with ease. The Malkrone is now in stock.

Malkonig Grinder Wrench, The Malkrone
Jon McGee, Steven Monti owner of Artpresso Design, and Ryan Sullivan
Mahlkönig Grinder Cover Wrench Product detail view
Malkönig Grinder Wrench, The Malkrone
New Mahlkönig Grinder Wrench

La Marzocco

La Marzocco Barista Accessories-GS3 and Linea Mini Custom Designs

Artpresso Design made waves at the SCA Expo with our highly acclaimed collaboration with La Marzocco. Our collection features mesmerizing customizations for La Marzocco’s GS3 and Linea Mini espresso machines, as well as a range of exquisite Barista Accessories designed exclusively for devoted La Marzocco enthusiasts. You can now explore and purchase these exceptional creations on the Artpresso Design website and through La Marzocco’s international preferred resellers. Elevate your coffee-making journey with the extraordinary products designed by Artpresso.

La Marzocco GS3 Customizations By Artpresso
Artpresso's Linea Mini Steam Knobs Custom Designs Were Introduced at SCA and Will Soon Be Available in Black, White, and Walnut
Linea Mini black Steam Knob set

Product Spotlight

In addition to our latest releases at the Specialty Coffee Expo 2023, the Artpresso products that also received significant attention at the show include the Barista Tools Collection with Lance Hedrick for Breville. Another highlight was the BigFace Brand Collection designed specifically for Jimmy Butler, and the Artpresso Design Espresso Machine Steam Wand Cleaning Tool

Revo B Tamper Black and Lance Hedrick
Espresso Machine Cleaning Tools by Artpresso Design

Key Moments


Additionally, Tohm Ifergan, the creator of Dayglow Coffee, made a visit to Artpresso Design’s booth. Dayglow Coffee offers a delightful assortment of coffees from roasters worldwide, showcasing varying strengths, origins, flavors, and tasting notes, ranging from floral to chocolatey, caramel to vegetal, and everything in between. For more information about Dayglow Coffee and their coffee subscriptions, please visit


During this Specialty Coffee expo 2023, we were privileged to have Chris Baca, the co-owner of Cat & Cloud coffee based in Santa Cruz, California, as our honored guest. Chris, in collaboration with Steven, has created the highly sought-after Dialed and Dialed 2.0 Tampers, which are currently sold out. Among the impressive selection of coffees Chris showcased at our booth, the Idido, a washed Ethiopian coffee, left a lasting impression on our guests. As part of a giveaway, we offered two prototypes of the dialed tamper along with a bag of Idido. To learn more about Chris Baca, please visit his website at, and explore the wide range of coffees available for order at

Cat and Cloud and Artpresso Design Banner for give away

Jake Miller, the founder of Fellow

Another noteworthy highlight of the weekend was our attendance at the Fellow Products Partner Event. Jake Miller, the founder of Fellow, extended a warm welcome to Artpresso due to an upcoming collaboration between Fellow and Artpresso. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting opportunity. Check out Fellow Products at


Last but not least, we concluded the Expo weekend with the La Marzocco Coffee Community event, a festive celebration with a space-themed atmosphere. All attendees had an incredible time as we gathered to honor the hard work, camaraderie, and the successful weekend.