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Introducing The Portfailter Pro Cleaning Tool

Discover the innovation of Artpresso’s Portafilter Pro Cleaning Tool, featuring an adaptive soft rubber core that revolutionizes cleaning routines. Crafted from premium materials, this unique core effortlessly conforms to the interior shape of your portafilter basket, ensuring a thorough clean with every use. Mimicking the pressure and precision of hands and fingers, this tool delivers exceptional cleaning performance while reducing barista fatigue and reliance on towels.


Portafilter Cleaning Tool By Artpresso Design

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Heritage and innovation

Elevating Espresso With Italian Craftsmenship

Tamping Into Success

How The Solo Coffee Tamper ignited our coffee journey

Our journey began with the creation of the Solo Coffee Tamper, a pivotal moment that launched us into the vibrant world of coffee. This humble inception of our business, anchored by the Solo Coffee Tamper, continues to resonate with coffee enthusiasts worldwide. It has remained one of our best-selling products, a testament to its enduring quality and utility. This initial inroad into coffee tampers sparked collaborations with esteemed baristas, whose invaluable insights have shaped our product development process. Their expertise has been instrumental in the creation of our most popular offerings, including our range of espresso machine cleaning tools.

At the heart of Artpresso Design lies a steadfast commitment to crafting an exceptional espresso experience. We take immense pride in providing the finest tools to elevate this passion. Our vision extends beyond the mere act of serving coffee; it encompasses a global community united by a shared pursuit of excellence in flavor, experience, and connection.

Grounds For Greatness

 community, collaboration, and coffee craftsmanship

Artpresso works with community
Artpresso Design Collaboration with La Marzocco

We value the feedback and insights of the coffee community, as they inspire the development of our products. By actively engaging with baristas, enthusiasts, and industry experts, we tailor our offerings to meet the evolving needs of coffee lovers worldwide. Our goal is simple: to push boundaries and enhance the coffee experience for everyone.

Teaming up with espresso machine industry leader La Marzocco, Artpresso has co-created a line of barista accessories. This collaboration merges our dedication to crafting quality tools with La Marzocco’s expertise in espresso machines. The result? A collection of accessories that redefine the barista experience, reflecting our joint pursuit of excellence within the coffee community.

With Artpresso’s innovative tools, crafting your favorite beverage becomes a refined and sophisticated experience, free from mess and hassle. Yielding Tangible results: better-tasting espresso shots and a cleaner, more elegant coffee-making process. Our commitment to enhancing every cup of coffee underscores our dedication to delivering results that truly matter to the coffee community.

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La Marzocco and Artpresso Design Partner for Global product line.
Behind The Design

La Marzocco

For close to a century, La Marzocco has set the standard for excellence in espresso machine design and engineering. Their

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