La Marzocco Strada Espresso Machine and Tools for Jimmy Butler's BigFace Coffee Brand

Unveiling the Perfect Blend of NBA Superstar and Specialty Coffee!

Jimmy Butler’s unrivaled skills on the basketball court are well-known, but his talents extend far beyond the confines of the game. He is quickly becoming a key player with the same tenacity and passion in a whole new arena: Specialty Coffee!

Driven by his love for coffee, Jimmy embarked on a remarkable journey, establishing the BIGFACE Brand. This brand’s mission goes beyond just delivering outstanding coffee; it aims to create a world where coffee is better, dreams are bigger, and smiles are wider. The goal is a culture shifting coffee brand simultaneously providing specialty coffee to the connoisseur and introducing the mainstream consumer to top tier specialty coffee.

As the designer and owner of Artpresso Design, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Jimmy’s team to customize a La Marzocco Strada espresso machine and barista accessories that perfectly embody the fusion of an NBA superstar and specialty coffee.

Steven Monti, ownder of Artpresso Design with Jimmy Butler, ownder of Big Face Coffee at Miami open

Customized La Marzocco Strada Espresso Machine For Big Face By Artpresso Design

The first exhilarating challenge that emerged from this collaboration was the customization of the iconic La Marzocco Strada espresso machine. La Marzocco, founded in 1927, Florence, by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi, is an Italian company specializing in high-end espresso coffee machines. They are trusted by the world’s finest coffee roasters, cafès, and restaurants for their reliability, durability, and timeless aesthetics and are an industry symbol of excellence for over 90 years. 

Monti disassembled the Strada to create custom design
Detail of finished customization of BigFace Strada by Artpresso Design

The history of the La Marzocco Strada espresso Machine is interesting. Just as high-end automobiles often undergo customizations to reflect individual style and character, the La Marzocco Strada, a pinnacle of espresso machines, was designed to be customized. Over the course of two years, a team of 30 highly skilled baristas collaborated with La Marzocco to bring the final design of the machine to life. In a nod to their unofficial nickname—the Street Team—the machine was aptly named the Strada. 

The Strada platform has been designed to encourage creativity and customization so that each machine can be unique.  Many cafes throughout the world have customized this machine to compliment their cafe and brand. 

(Front) Before
(Front) After
(Back) Before
7 Essential Reasons Why Customizing Your Espresso Machine Enhances the Home Barista Experience-Jimmy Butler's Big Face Coffee Customized Strada
(Back) After

The Design Process

My goal was to customize the La Marzocco Strada espresso machine as a harmonious blend of form and function, showcasing the convergence of Jimmy’s NBA superstar status and the captivating world of specialty coffee. I hoped to deliver an exceptional design that would embody the essence of BigFace Coffee and the vision Jimmy has for his brand.

crafted prototypes of each component to ensure a seamless fit

 It was also essential to me that the customizations complemented the machine’s authentic beauty while reflecting the spirit of the brand. To maintain the sole of the Strada I created glass side panels to expose the internal workings of the machine, which can be viewed through an etched BigFace grid pattern. 

Detail image of the La Marzocco Strada Customized for BigFace

To ensure the perfect design, I presented several concepts to the BigFace Team, allowing them to choose their preferred features. Once approved, I crafted prototypes of each component to ensure a seamless fit and to visualize the impact of the proposed changes.

In a pursuit of a design that would truly stand out and resonate with the brand’s aesthetic, I employed unique customizations. For instance, I introduced a distinctive shaped cup rail, polished stainless steel steam wand levers and laser cut top cup tray panels. The color Red for the BigFace logo is a reference to Jimmy’s NBA team color and pops against the custom white powder colored finish of the machine’s structure. 

Detailed Gallery

Line Mini Customized for Big Face

Steven Monti with Jimmy Butler discussing the customizations on the Linea Mini for Big Face Coffee.

I had the same creative mindset when I customized a La Marzocco Linea Mini exclusively for Jimmy Butler. Jimmy, who has been photographed carrying a Linea Mini machine on and off his plane while traveling to games, asked me to customize this classic espresso machine. One of the features that make it unique is that I designed a top cup tray panel of the machine to proudly display the BigFace logo, serving as a captivating design element that celebrates the BigFace brand.

Jimmy Butler Carrying a Linea Mini on Plane

Whats Next

The espresso machine customizations between Artpresso Design and Jimmy Butler’s BigFace Coffee brand is just the beginning. In the near future, we will extend our expertise to create customized barista accessories, including milk pitchers, towels, and tamper and distributor barista tool sets. These additions will further enhance the BigFace brand’s commitment to excellence in specialty coffee.

With more exciting developments on the horizon, our collaboration promises to bring innovation and style to the world of Specialty Coffee. The journey we embarked on with Jimmy Butler and the BigFace Coffee brand is truly remarkable, and we invite everyone to stay tuned for the next chapter.

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