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About Cat and Cloud: 3 Unique Individuals but One of a Kind

The Dialed Coffee Tamper emerged from the blend of Chris Baca’s vision and Artpresso’s expertise in product development. Within the specialty coffee community, each sip unveils a narrative woven from relationships, artisanship, and a mutual enthusiasm for the unparalleled flavors enriching this lively group of coffee lovers. 

My pursuit in crafting barista accessories is driven by an aspiration to strengthen these connections and contribute to the evolution of not only Artpresso Design but the entire specialty coffee culture. A collaboration echoing this sentiment is our partnership with Cat and Cloud, a unique coffee enterprise pioneered by Chris Baca, Jared Truby, and Charles Jack. Merging their coffee dreams with Chris Baca’s ambition for the ideal tamper, and Artpresso’s design prowess, the Dialed Coffee Tamper was born.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Santa Cruz, California, Cat and Cloud has become a beacon of coffee culture. From their beginnings in 2016, starting with a single café at 3600 Portola Ave and a dedicated team of eight, they have experienced remarkable growth. Today, they proudly operate four cafes, a dedicated roastery, and have cultivated flourishing relationships with global wholesalers. Throughout this journey, their passion for delivering exceptional experiences has been the unifying thread, weaving a tapestry of community and craftsmanship.

The dialed Tamper Vision of Chris Baca. Pictured Left, Chris Baca, Center, Steven Monti, and Right, Jared Truby
From left to right: Chris Baca, Steven Monti in the center, and Jared Truby on the right.
Cat and Cloud Locations in Santa Cruz County, Pertola, Swift St., Aptos, and Abbott Square
Cat and Cloud and Artpresso Design Banner for give away

Co-owner Charles Jack brings a unique blend of high-finance, travel, international business, and coffee to the table. With a background as a Wall Street investment analyst and portfolio manager, Charles shifted gears in 2010, discovering coffee while working in Africa. At Cat & Cloud, he specializes in Green Coffee Buying, New Store Development, and Financial Operations, with a commitment to building sustainable relationships in the coffee industry.

Chris Baca, a former Regional Barista Champion and three-time United States Barista Competition Finalist, brings not only accolades but also a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sharing his gifts with the world. With features in renowned publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and a dedication to education through his blog and other projects, Chris embodies the spirit of sharing and bravery in the coffee community.

Jared Truby, co-founder and advocate for connecting with others through work, has contributed significantly to the global coffee culture. His philosophy emphasizes the joy and magic that arise when individuals unite their gifts to create something greater. With a history of supporting companies and winning barista competitions, Jared envisions a world enriched by coffee, craft, and hospitality.

From left to right: Charles Jack, Chris Baca in the center, and Jared Truby on the right.

Artpresso Design and Cat and Cloud

Video's of Jared Truby and Chris Baca Testing Prototypes of Artpresso Design's Cleaning Tools

Jared, Chris and Jack are not only trusted experts but also genuine supporters of Artpresso Design.  They have been instrumental in testing our prototypes, providing invaluable feedback and recommendations, ensuring the products we craft bring significant value to the industry. Recently, the insights from Jared and Chris have played a crucial role in shaping the development of our cleaning products. Additionally, Charles has kindly shared his wealth of financial knowledge with us, playing a great help in the development of our business strategies and aiding in our growth.

Our paths first crossed with Jared and Chris in 2018 at a La Marzocco event in Seattle, coinciding with the Specialty Coffee Expo. Invited by Scott Callander, former VP of Marketing for La Marzocco, I had the opportunity to share insights about design and our innovative Solo Tamper, while Chris enlightened the audience about his expertise in espresso extraction.

As newcomers to the specialty coffee scene at the expo, we experienced the vibrant energy of the coffee community first hand when Jared, with his charisma, transformed our initially quiet booth into a hub of activity, drawing coffee enthusiasts eager for a taste of Cat and Cloud espresso. This significant encounter served as a catalyst for our emerging company, with Jared’s well-known presence drawing attention and spotlighting Artpresso and our products within the coffee scene.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a relationship that was not only mutually enriching but also instrumental in establishing our foothold in the industry, something that has meant so much to us.

Crafting the Dream – The Dialed Coffee Tamper

YouTube video by Chris Baca about the Dialed Coffee Tamper

Cat & Cloud Podcast With Steven Monti

As our connection with this great team strengthened, I collaborated with Chris Baca on his passion project – the Dialed Coffee Tamper. Every prototype underwent testing, with invaluable input from Chris and the Cat and Cloud team, ensuring that the final product was nothing short of awesome.

This collaboration was about turning a dream into reality, crafting a tool that epitomized performance and elegance for espresso aficionados. The Dialed Tamper, with its hardware-free design, perfectly balanced weight distribution, and artisan anodized finish, became a testament to our shared obsession with quality and detail. For a deeper dive into this journey, check out the podcast in the link below, detailing every nuance of the creation process.

Chris Baca, Cat and Cloud Coffee
Chris Baca, Cat & Cloud Coffee, Preparing The Dialed Coffee Tamper For Sale.

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Dialed Coffee Tamper 2.0 by Cat and Cloud and Artpresso Design


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