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Steven Monti Product Design

As a passionate espresso drinker and innate problem solver, Steven Monti decided to unite his obsessions with the formation of Artpresso Design.  A company dedicated to advancing the artistry of espresso making through the creation of innovative coffee making tools & products for the coffee industry.

what we do

create design

Artpresso Design leverages over 20 years of product creation experience in  coffee making tools  to produce our distinctive line of innovation products. Additionally, we partner with other passionate creators to realize their product ambitions.

Let's Work Together

collaborative design

We value relationships and believe great things can come from people working together. So if you are seeking to create entire new coffee making tools or product or desire to distribute Artpresso products, we welcome the opportunity chat. 

Image of Steven-Monti, Owner-of-Artpresso-Design

Steven Monti, Owner of Artpresso Design

Why We Are Different

comprehensive and complete product design from start to finish





The design phase focuses on gaining insights into users’ needs to define the value a new product will bring to the coffee community. Through research, brainstorming, and sketching sessions, a variety of concepts are created.
The best ideas are selected to advance further. The goal is to use design thinking to improve the next generation of a product or bring a new product innovation to life.
Our engineering efforts center on the selected design concept through the use of CAD modeling. We convert an idea into an engineered 3D digital part. This 3D model continues to evolve to address final aesthetics, manufacturability and costs objectives.
Prototyping is an important step before manufacturing a product. It is a cost-effective way to further explore and confirm a design by making it real.
Prototypes provide the opportunity to validate a product idea and gain feedback from the intended consumers. Based on your needs, we deliver prototypes several different ways from 3D printed parts to production quality samples.
Over the course of 25 years we’ve created a network of suppliers and manufactures in the USA and overseas. This capability allows us to build quality into every step of the product creation process, not just when a product is going into production.
Our ability to oversee product development allows us to optimize quality and cost. Understanding all aspects of product creation is an essential skill to produce products successfully. Our relationships are strong and product creation experience respected.
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our goal is to

make the impossible possible

Product design view of espresso machine steam wand cleaning Tool by Steven Monti

Design Thinking and Innovation

OUR Process for coffee making Tools

EMPATHIZE and Define

What is needed

We consult world barista champions, highly regarded cafe’ owners, and respected espresso machine manufacturers to research opportunities to develop and create products that will enhance and grow the specialty coffee industry. This process provides insight and an empathetic understanding of the problems that can be solved with innovative product design.



 Observation and discussion encourages possible solutions and further defines the core problems.  This process helps to keep efforts human-centered and human-centered design focuses on users and their needs.

IDEATE , prototype, and test


Once we define the problems and have a better understanding of consumer needs, we begin the process of ideation. During the ideation process, we brainstorm on a range of creative ideas and solutions to address the needs and problems. “Out of the box” thinking and leading with innovation are what Artpresso thrives on the most.


Possible Solutions

After sketching out possible solutions, ideas are shared for feedback and then prototypes are made.  Thereafter, 3D models are created to test the product variations and see how they work and what additional function and design changes need to be made.

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